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10 shopping apps commonly used by Poles: Rossmann, Lidl Plus, Olx.pl, Allegro









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There are more and more Internet users in Poland, consumers have more and more trust in online shopping security, and e-commerce has also developed rapidly. It is understood that the Lidl Plus shopping app has become the second most popular shopping app in Poland for only a few months.

This article counts 10 popular shopping apps for Poles.

10, Wish - 1.32 million users

Wish is a shopping platform with more than 500 million buyers and sellers from around the world. The product is shipped directly from the seller and offers a large discount.

9, H&M - 1.43 million users

The Swedish clothing giant's app is mainly used for shopping in its online store. The app also features a barcode scanning feature that allows buyers to check if a particular item from an H&M store is available for purchase online. The app is also an H&M membership card carrier that can be used to get special discounts and promotions in brick-and-mortar stores.

8, Joom - 1.53 million users

The Joom app allows sellers to purchase more than 4 million products, including clothing, footwear, cosmetics or electronics, in online stores in China. The product also offers a lot of discounts.

7, Payback PL - 1.76 million users

Payback PL is a loyalty program where buyers can earn shopping points from a variety of chain stores and online stores. Through the Payback app, buyers can access club membership card accounts to check the status of points and enjoy special discounts.

6, Żappka - 2.21 million users

The Żappka app allows buyers to collect points, which are generated for each purchase in the Żappka store. Buyers can redeem points for the selected product. In addition, the app gives buyers the opportunity to purchase selected products at a lower price.

5, Allegro - 3.47 million users

The app allows buyers to access accounts on the Allegro platform (a larger e-commerce platform in Poland). Buyers can purchase products from other sellers on the platform, and it also allows buyers to post comments or receive notifications after shopping.

4, Olx.pl - 3.63 million users

The Olx.pl advertising service application allows viewing and adding jobs, which can be used to rent apartments or sell different products.

3, AliExpress - 3.89 million users

AliExpress is a cross-border e-commerce platform of China's Alibaba Group, which allows buyers to access product quotations and order selected products.

2, Lidl Plus - 3.98 million users

The Lidl Plus app was launched in April 2019 and is now ranked second, the result of a number of promotions. The app provides buyers with personalized, personalized barcodes and discount coupons. Buyers can also view their purchase history in the app, which is one of the more advanced discount apps in Poland.

1, Rossmann - 6.19 million users

Rossmann has long been a more popular shopping app. Rossmann offers a membership card for the Rossmann Club, which allows buyers to receive special discounts and promotions. Using the app, sellers can create favorite product listings and find customer reviews about new products.

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