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Cdiscount entry conditions









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Cdiscount is currently the largest cross-border e-commerce platform in France. It is part of the Casino Group, one of the largest supermarkets in France. It is similar to the online wholesale mall and is the darling of French Haitao consumers. Cdiscount's main products include daily necessities, food, electronic products, household appliances, baby products, bags, toys, etc. Its business model is similar to wholesale malls. Cdiscount has more than 16 million buyers, and its platform has an annual number of independent visitors of 11 million. Cdiscount is the first local platform to open the door to Chinese sellers. There is a special Chinese investment team. The sellers have grown at an alarming rate within two years. Currently there are about 3,000 Chinese sellers, accounting for about one-third of the total number of sellers, of which about 1,000 are used by sellers. FBC, which accounts for 80% of the sellers used by FBC.

Cdiscount entry conditions

1) Have a business qualification / business license;

2) With European cross-border e-commerce platform store operation experience, Amazon, Ebay, etc. (WISH operation experience is also available) 3, French-speaking daily operations staff, email French customer service, you can use a third party to solve this problem, such as Salessupply. Please note that French phone support is not required.

3) All the submitted materials list at the time of application include: the front and back of the clear corporate identity document (please take the photo with the card) and the business license;

4) Links sold on other European platforms and proof of the store is a background screenshot of the applicant's operations (Amazon Europe); Payoneer card sample or Word First card sample

5) If it is a company account: bank certificate (you can print the paper, you need the company English name, account number, swift number screenshot)

Cdiscount official website address: https://www.cdiscount.com/


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